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Pure Variety

Timo and Matthias Sauerwein

The Sauerweins

The wine in the name – our ancestors must have been winegrowers, obviously they had a preference for less sweet wine. Even today we, Timo and Matthias Sauerwein, still grow wine in the wind-protected valley of the southern Wine-Moselle.

Southern Wine-Moselle

Discover the Southern Wine-Moselle

The Moselle meanders dreamily through the picturesque landscape with gentle, often steep vineyards and rugged limestone cliffs. Here in the heart of Europe, in the border triangle of Germany, Luxembourg and France, our wine grows.

Our Wines and Sparkling Wines

Try our Wines and Sparkling Wines

We are on the road with our wines and sparkling wines all year round. We would be delighted to invite you to a tasting at a wine festival, a trade fair or tasting events in your area!